Broward County Schools Start In 3 Weeks!

There are only 3 weeks left until your child goes back to school! Is your child ready to start the school year off the right way? That all depends on what they have been doing this summer.

Inactivity can cause a be a major set back on your child’s ability to learn when school starts again and can greatly affect their performance both mentally and academically. There are 3 things your child needs to start the school year off right.

1. Structured Schedule: Many children loose this when school lets out for the summer as they begin to wake up later, eat at different times each day, and spend hours in front of the television. At ATT Miramar, your child will stick to a schedule of fun, field trips, and activities throughout each at camp.

2. Social Activities: Parents are busy and do not always have time to bus their child around to friends houses. At ATT Miramar, your child will interact with other children in fun activities and continue to grow socially. Spending the summer alone can certainly have a negative affect on they way they deal in group activities throughout the school year.

3. Daily Challenges: Facing daily challenges will strengthen your child’s mind and prevent any lapse of learning, which is very common during the summer months. Your child may need a break from school for the summer but it is very important that they do not stop learning during the rest of the year. At ATT Miramar, we keep your child learning new skills and activities which will help them excel when school starts this August 22nd, 2011.

School is right around the corner and the time to get your child ready for school is right now! We are offering parents the opportunity to register for the last summer session anytime this week.

If you would like to get your child started this Monday July 25th, visit American Top Team Miramar Monday from 8am to 11am or call us at 954-538-3899. Remember Broward County Schools start back on Monday August 22nd, 2011. American Top Team Miramar also has one of the best Afterschool Programs in the South Broward area. Visit

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