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The ATT FIT Boot Camp program is proven fitness system that will get you into amazing shape in no time. The course is compromised of a set of specially designed classes that will get you the results you have been looking for.

Each work out is diversified and challenging, we combine the most effective methods of exercise; Boxing, Kickboxing, Boot Camp and Weight Training for a total body workout that is guaranteed to give you results! 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you will come out feeling stronger, empowered, and motivated! 

Don’t Be a Victim of Lost Motivation! Loss of motivation and lack of results are the top reasons people quit their gym and fall back into their regular routine.

Call ATT FITNESS BOOT CAMP today and let us show you how you can achieve real results in real time!

Member Review

“As a mother of two very active boys, a wife, and a full time worker, finding time to work out was my biggest challenge. With the ATT Miramar Fitness Boot Camp, I save time because I get a great workout in 1 hour and I can go on with my day. I had tried traditional gyms and diet plans but I never saw the results I’ve seen with ATT. Two years ago, I decided that I needed to focus on my health. I went to ATT Miramar for my free trial class and I fell in love with the workouts! It has now been one year since I have joined ATT Miramar’s fitness program and I have never felt better. The ATT Miramar Fitness Boot Camp Program not only helps me physically, but mentally as well. The time that I spend training in class has really made me feel good about myself as a person. Training is such a big part of my life now and I am so glad that I have not only gotten physical results, but I’ve gained friendships as well. All of the instructors care about each one of her students and takes an interest in their goals. They help push us to help us achieve our goals. I look forward to the challenges that are provided to us each and every class. This has become a way of life for me and one that I am fully committed to.”

 – Michelle, Customer Success Manager


1. The ATT FIT Boot Camp is for Everyone! We specialize in programs which are designed for you to reach your fitness goals. Everyone is different, whether you come in overweight or in-shape, our workouts are designed so you can optimize your body’s performance without injury or overworking your muscles. 

2. The ATT FIT Boot Camp methodology is geared towards fat-burning and toning exercises. We have a variety of classes designed for beginners looking to get into the best shape of their life! No one at the ATT FIT Boot Camp is looking to become the next Olypmic Power Lifter! Our goal is to build muscle, lose fat, and help you live a healthier, more fit lifestyle. 

3. The ATT fitness boot camp uses a combination of fat-burning and toning exercises to achieve your goals, you will never find yourself flinging heavy weights over your head. Our instructors will not allow you to perform an exercise incorrectly under their supervision. 

4. ATT FIT Boot Camp has classes designed for beginners! We use a variety of exercises, stretches, and cardiovascular activities to give you an ever changing workout that will maximize the time you will spend in our 1 Hour Class. You will be loosing weight the entire time! 

5. ATT FIT Boot Camp only employs Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Trainers. Each instructor understand the reasoning behind injuries and most importantly how to prevent injuries.
1. Crossfit’s advertise their program as being used by many elite athletes and that their workout is “elite”. A program for an Elite athlete will never be used by a beginner, simply because it will be too hard and will cause injuries and it just won’t work… the level of the person has to be considered. 

2. The type of methodology that is used by crossfit is very intense puking type workouts. Not only is it supposed to be intense, but many of the exercises are just not possible for a beginner. How can someone be pushed to do deadlifts right away if they’ve never worked out before? For anyone other than a well prepared athlete, this is a recipe for disaster. 

3. Crossfit’s mentality is “push harder, lift heavier, have to get a better faster time!” when newbies join, it’s a recipe for injury, they get pushed in addition to pushing themselves, and form is never critiqued/valued enough so that poor form follows and so do injuries. 

4. Crossfit leaves no room for beginners. Don’t get thrown into the general class without direction proper instruction, then being asked to lift weights before strengthening your core is not only CRAZY but DANGEROUS! 

5. Crossfit certifications, first of all, there are NO prerequisites, that’s the first flaw, which means any person without any background in fitness or kinesiology can come in and guess what, they can to train you about the biomechanics of a squat and deadlift without ever being properly certified.

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